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Chairman speech/董事长致辞

Thank you for your concern to Yinglun. After more than ten years of development, Yinglun has become a leading enterprise of the metal tourist souvenir craft gift industry. Ever since the establishment of the company, Yinglun people have been determined to “return the country through industry, create a time-honored enterprise”, been practicing the spirit of “Aim high, but be down-to-earth”, and exceeding themselves constantly.

Thought determines the way out. Yinglun continues to accelerate the pace of enterprise upgrading. After more than ten years of winds and rains, Yinglun has been marching forward stably, which depends on the care from leaders at all levels in different sectors of the society, support from the society, trust of customers, and more struggling Yinglun people. Nowadays, Made by Yinglun has become excellent tourist souvenirs at home and abroad. All these are both reasons and powder. Therefore, we value enterprise’s social responsibility, social charity activities, environmental protection and other public benefit activities; we are willing to do what we can do to build a harmonious sustainably developing society; we pay attention to our employees and partners, cherish resources, protect environment, help the place where the company is located in develop, and sincerely share the joy of corporate success with the whole society.

“Learning by Doing, Growing by Learning”. Yinglun people know well that only talents and innovation are the main carrier of learning and practice and the key factor for the company’s sustainable development. We adhere to the learning and talent concept of “everyone is a talent”, constantly attract excellent talents to join us, strengthen talent cultivation and reserves and promote the rapid development of the company with a professional team. At the same time, we track our products closely in all circles including design, marketing and production, actively respond to international competition laws and commercial standards, and further inspire the team’s passion and the organization’s vigor, so as to enhance customer satisfaction.

One should never forget where one’s happiness comes from. We clearly know that Yinglun cannot achieve its development without the concern, trust, support and cooperation from every customer. We have formed partners and realized common development on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win, I feel extremely honored for that. We will uphold the product concept of quality is dignity, meet customer requirements, summarize past experience, gather customer feedback and launch different types of more novel tourist souvenirs according to market demand. Hope you can give us your valuable advice.

今晚四不像的生肖   共享效益,共谋发展,共创未来!

Share Benefit, Seek Common Development, and Create a Better Future!

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